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Celebrate your honeymoon or that special wedding at Nezer Towers & Suites. Stay in an exquisite one-bedroom suite and enjoy some mouthwatering service. MORE

Now’s the time to enjoy 10% off luxury accommodation with a Cheeky Cinema weekend at Nezer Towers & Suites. So grab someone you love and make your getaway, because this irresistible offer is strictly limited. MORE
Live the quality life with all the extras you want and need from a staycation. Stay and play in a suite, we’ll indulge you with the ultimate feast and have you feeling right at home at Nezer Towers & Suites with a welcome bottle of premium wine (your pick – red or white). MORE
We think that loyal clients who come to our hotel regularly should have more benefits; therefore, we’ve developed a flexible system of rates for those who join our club. Be sure to get more options in time! It will take you a minute to provide your contact info and become our member! We have special rates for each room for our members. You can start your membership right after stay in our hotel. MORE